Christians Online: Christian Dating Rules – What are they and do you need them?

Christian dating rules As Christian singles making use of Christian dating sites in Australia or otherwise, one should have a set of rules for oneself. Not everyone’s rules are going to necessarily be the same but having rules means that you are protecting your heart and your dating life from those who are less than serious about finding a genuine marriage partner. Only you can decide which rules you will follow but there are a couple of rules that we have listed below to give you an idea of what type of rules you should be structuring for yourself before you get involved with anyone.

Christian Dating Rule #1: Let God lead you to the right relationship

Don’t over spiritualise this too much but don’t think that you have to do everything either, leaving little room for God to step in if He wants to. God can put your steps in the right order so that you will meet the type of person that will compliment your life. If you are willing to submit yourself to God, He can lead your paths to the right person.

Christian Dating Rule #2: Pray for your dating life

A lot of people don’t pray about their relationships and dating concerns because they don’t think they should “bother God” with something that doesn’t seem like it should be important to Him. We simply go out, try to find a partner and pick the person that we want and then asking for God to bless the relationship instead of asking God to bless the relationship first before we get our hopes up. Pray that you would find a suitable mate and since God has a Father’s heart, He gives his children only good things when they ask. God will answer at the right time and while you may not get the answer in the package you are expecting because he or she doesn’t look like “your type” but leaving your relationship in God’s hands means that you get someone who is exactly right for you.

Christian Dating Rule #3: Don’t lead people on

Know your own intentions in the dating game and make sure that the people you are dating also know what your intentions are. If you aren’t ready to settle down, you probably shouldn’t be dating but that never stopped anyone before so at least make sure that you don’t lead anyone on. If you spend consistent time with one person, call them all the time and share your emotions with one person continuously, you allow them to get emotionally attached to you when you are not interested in settling down with them and they end up getting hurt because of your intentions not being clear from the start. This works both ways though. Make sure you know what your dates’ intentions are too, so that you can protect your heart.

Christian Dating Rule #4: Don’t get in too deep too quickly

It’s easy to go from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds flat when you really like someone. You start daydreaming and thinking of that happily ever after.  If you don’t protect your heart, your feelings can get the better of you, caution is thrown to the wind and you start to ignore the warning signs of a relationship about to go bad. Allowing your emotions to get the best of you can also mean that you allow physical access because of the temptation as well as being scared of putting the brakes on the relationship because of not really knowing the person well enough to feel comfortable saying no. Make sure you don’t start giving the benefits of marriage to your dating partner with no commitment as you reduce any incentive to get married at the end of the day. Give yourself time to get to know them as you may find that after testing them fully, you would not necessarily even be friends with them, never mind share your body, mind and soul with them every day for the rest of your life.

Christian Dating Rule #5: Know what you want before you continue

If both you and your partner have sought God and allowed Him to direct you, dating will be for a goal and a purpose. There is a common goal for the both of you. Dating is about developing a friendship, learning habits, discovering likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. If God is leading you in your relationships, and you take it slow, listening to His voice in everything, you will have conviction that you are in the right relationship. Dating is not about just having fun with someone of the opposite sex. If you are not ready to settle down, it’s best not to engage in dating relationships.

As mentioned before, there are many other rules you could put in place for yourself in order to safeguard your heart as well as the heart of your potential partner (and the dating partners you spend time with who are going to be someone else’s potential partner if not yours).

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