Are you overwhelmed with Christian online dating options?

online dating confusion Very often when singles wonder into the world of Christian online dating, they become overwhelmed or intimidated by all the options available to them. This can often scare them off. So how does a Christian single approach online dating and what are some of the ways in which they can sort through potential matches without becoming confused?

We’ve put together a checklist for you so you can manage your time more effectively when navigating your online dating experience:

#1: Ask God for discernment – it’s important to make sure that God is in control of your relationships and He will give you guidance and discernment so that you can avoid destructive relationships.

#2: Make sure you’re in the right place – if you are clear as to your own intentions, wants and needs you will be able to make the important decisions such as who you would like to marry, and what you want to do for the rest of your life.

#3: Make a practical list – be sure about what you want in a partner. Your list should comprise “must have” items such as their standing with God, church involvement, etc., as well as “nice to have” items such as type of looks, age, and life stage.

#4: Focus on Key Attributes – this is especially easier if some of the key attributes are part of your “must have” list. This will help you to narrow down your options significantly.

#5: Read profiles with care – if you read a person’s profile, you can perhaps get a sense for the type of person he or she is and what is important to them. Pay attention to tone as well as content as the way something is said can change the way content can be interpreted.

#6: Look at goals and values – you can get a good idea of a person’s relationship with God based on the goals and values they perceive as important in their lives.

#7: Be assertive – if you find someone interesting, don’t hesitate to let them know, even if it is commenting on a favourite movie or book. The other person has the option to respond or not.

#8: Submit possible relationships to God – if someone is interested and you want to pursue a relationship, make sure you pray about it first.

#9: Keep your options open – you can contact more than one person at a time if you haven’t entered into a committed relationship. If you wait around until you have eliminated each person one by one, the right person may slip right past you.

Remember that with online dating, you may feel that you have a certain level of anonymity but always respect the other persons feelings, make sure you are always polite and friendly when making conversation or turning anyone down. Deal out rejection carefully and be gracious about being rejected. The right person is out there for you. God Bless!

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