6 Tips for Saving Money as Singles

singles saving money These days it isn’t only women that can have budgeting and shopping problems, but men too. As singles, we tend to live it up like there is no tomorrow. We don’t always take care to save what we can so that when we are in a relationship which is headed toward commitment, we have something to bring to the relationship already. Then the excuse of not getting married because we can’t afford it falls away and you can face facts early on as to whether the relationship is going somewhere or not.

Here are a few tips on how to save a little extra when you have the opportunity:

1. Shop creatively

If there are products you know you are going to use consistently from trusted brands, stock up when there are specials on. This goes for food as well as clothing. Then when there is something that is only in season for a short while you only end up buying one or two extra things in that month instead of having to kit a full wardrobe when the season changes or buy staple foods to make with speciality dishes.

2. Set a Savings Target

Just like you might have a sales target to reach for your boss, set a savings target for yourself. Print out the amount on a page and stick it up where you will see it regularly and mark it off once you have reached your target.

3. Spend money on yourself after the bills are paid

How often do we end up blowing all paycheck in the first few days after payday? Manage your finances better, and make sure all your bills are paid before you start shopping up a storm. Then you will know exactly how much you can allocate to recreational pursuits without the worry of unpaid bills hanging over your head.

4. Cooking instead of takeout

Make sure you have a staple in the house for breakfast time. And make some effort to cook as many meals as you can. This will save money and improve your health. Takeout costs quite a bit once you start adding it up and it isn’t very heart healthy either!

5. Schedule your nights out.

Many singles end up blowing their entire budget on nights out with their friends. Having fun with your friends is an important exercise to keep you grounded and stress-free but having a budget set aside for this is really important so you don’t end up spending all your extra money on your social life. Budget, Budget, Budget.

6. Keep your creditors to a minimum.

If you must have a credit card or other accounts, try and limit yourself to one or two and set the limit to your personal financial situation. Most creditors reward you for managing your credit with them well by giving you more. Instead of getting caught up in the hype, request that they keep your credit limit within your means so that you can resist the temptation to splurge.

Just doing the bare minimum above will ensure that you don’t get yourself deep into debt and you will feel good about not bringing debt into a new relationship. Happy saving and God Bless!

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