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Christians Online has had a successful year and is growing exponentially and is looking forward to many exciting additions to the site for the future.

We thought we’d end the year with an illustration of how you might be able to use your VIP membership in order to use your eStamps to meet someone new in the New Year.

Let’s introduce you to Michael …

Michael is a financial broker and he is a born again Christian. He doesn’t find it very easy to meet people because of his busy work life. He has a VIP membership with Christians Online and he has purchased 10 eStamps this month.

Michael enlists the help of Profile Angel to make sure his profile really grabs the attention of those he makes contact with on Christians Online. Profile Angel’s services include profile creation as well as photo retouching if applicable.

Michaels’ profile appears on the home page as part of the VIP feature.

After that he browses through many profiles and makes private notes (a VIP feature) about what he feels he has in common with some of the young ladies’ profiles he views. He notices that a young lady, Sarah, has recently viewed his profile (due to it being on the home page, no doubt) and goes to check hers out as her name has not come up in any of his searches.

He discovers that she is a school teacher, a born again Christian and lives just outside of the city he lives in. He realizes that they really do have a lot in common and decides he’d like to get to know her better.

Michael contacts Sarah using his eStamps and strikes up a conversation with her. After talking for several months, they choose to meet in person and have a ‘real’ date. They date for a year before getting engaged and setting a wedding date.

This may just be a story to you, but this really could be you in just a few short months.

Why not make this year the year to change your life and sign up for the VIP membership with Christians Online and meet someone new today.

Wishing you a great experience using Christians Online!

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