Dating Ideas for Non-drinkers

If you’re a Christian non-drinker, as some Christians are and you are finding it hard to come up with dating ideas that don’t include alcohol, this article is for you. The fact is that it is possible to have fun without drinking. There are plenty of reasons to have a date devoid of a night’s drinking. Some reasons can include: previous problems with drinking, not wanting to lose your senses when meeting someone new (it is better to be safe rather than sorry), having to drive home, or even a lifestyle choice. As a Christian, it is not necessarily wrong to drink on occasion, but some Christians do feel the need to either limit their alcohol intake or not to drink at all.

So here are some ideas for dates you can have when you want to cut out the alcohol:

1.       Breakfast

Go out for an early breakfast date and have lattes and a sunrise breakfast. You could take a walk in the park afterwards if the weather is good.

2.       Tea house

Go to a Chinese tea house where your food is matched to tea instead of wine.

3.       Night market

Browse stalls, watch live entertainment and sample international food at the night market.

4.       Picnic in the park

Pack in a bunch of ball games along with your cheese and bread, and you will be sure to have a great romantic but fun picnic to be remembered for a while!

5.       Hiking

Go for a hike through pretty foliage close to home, carry plenty of water and light snacks to keep you going. There’s nothing like a long walk to spark conversation and to get you to open up to someone new.

6.       Amusement park

Release your inner child and have fun at the amusement park. There are loads of rides, food and fun to be had, and with roller coasters, it probably is best not to drink anyway unless you want to lose all the food!

There are many other ways you could enjoy a completely alcohol-free date. Do you have any? Feel free to add them in the comments below. We always look forward to hearing from you!

God Bless!

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