Are you allowing hope to cloud your judgement?

hope Hope is a wonderful thing. It allows us to see beyond the difficult situations we find ourselves in, but it can also cloud your judgement. God gives us hope so that we can find the will to carry on when life gets us down. Don’t use it to feed an unhealthy relationship or a relationship that is just not going anywhere.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation or a relationship that if we examine it closely, sometimes not even that closely, but if we even take a moment to think about it we know that we are going against what God wants for us. But still we hold on, we cling with hope that the situation will change.

We hold on tightly in a desperate attempt to make it all ok. This isn’t really believing that God would come in and repair things, it is pride and egoism, holding the hope that we ourselves will somehow be enough for that other person in the situation or relationship to change their hearts and or their ways.

A relationship should encourage you to lead a life that is glorifying to the Lord. Even if both parties have the best intentions of serving the Lord and yet cannot somehow lift each other up, and encourage one another within the relationship to be all that they can be in the Lord, the relationship is better left alone.

Oftentimes, we fall for someone, and love them deeply, but they are just not suited to your gifting, your calling, and your vision. They want to have many children, you don’t want any, they want to go to Africa, you were thinking more along the lines of Thailand, or how about just staying the same street you grew up in?

Some questions to ask yourself to really gauge whether this relationship is ever going to be in the will of God are:

  1. Does this person encourage and inspire you to become a better person in Christ and vice versa?
  2. Can you picture yourself growing old with this person?
  3. Do your visions align at some point along the road or are you missing each other completely?
  4. Do either one of you make each other unequally yoked? ie. Is one of you unsaved?

If you look at these questions and this is you, make the change in your life that you know you need to. Don’t allow false hope to jeopardize your future relationships, your future calling and your walk with God. God bless!

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