Christian Dating Advice: How to Make Progress?

If you are a single and Christian,some Christiandating advice from Christian friendly sources can help you a lot in the whole dating process. You should know that dating basically means that you are looking for a person with whom you can grow in your faith. You should also know that dating is basically supposed to help two people see what it would be like if they choose to live their lives together, but it is also supposed to give you a definite answer to the question whether you would want to be with that person for the rest of your life or not. It definitely becomes a little challenging when dating comes to a point where making progress is crucial.

Sharing Faith

Christian, dating advice should be based on the principle that the whole dating experience should help you grow stronger in your faith. You should know that your partner expects the same. You definitely hold your faith very dear to yourself and sharing it with the person you are dating and letting them share it with you will help both of you, to profoundly grow in God’s love. The Bible says “Let us love one another, for love comes from God.” If the word of God is your life’s purpose, love will only give wings to your purpose and strengthen it further, if you just put an effort into sharing it with your partner.

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Love grows when two souls communicate. This communication should be on every level including spiritual, intellectual, social and physical levels. This generally aids two people in knowing each other better, which is the main purpose of dating. If you feel like there is some distance between you and your partner, try overcoming it by having a casual or even an intellectual talk. Dating does not have to be boring, make it fun by trying to connect and communicate with the other person to bring closeness and a level of comfort between yourselves. A lot of people feel like it is hard to find a perfect partner. Some good Christian dating advice for them would be that if they are trying to find their soul mate, they need to connect with their partner on a spiritual level too,to understand the entire being of that other person.

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Gratitude and Appreciation

Dating is generally not that hard, making progress is. People generally tend to enjoy tokens of appreciation and gratitude from their partners. Dating should not be the only phase where we choose to show gratitude and appreciation. It should be a way of life that naturally flows from our hearts. Gratitude and appreciation will help both of you in progressing towards something definite as it will make your partner realize that you notice the little things that they do for you. Remember, being kind, patient and understanding is the key to success in dating.

Also, Christian dating advice from a pastor, guide or a good Christian friend can prove to be very beneficial so when confused never forget to ask for some genuine advice.

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