Christian Relationship advice for Couples


Making any Christian relationship work is more difficult than getting into one. It requires a considerable amount of effort for both the companions. It’s more like a rollercoaster ride where a brief part is smooth, while the rest is exciting and thrilling, but there’s always a small part that’s scary and bumpy. In situations where the problem gets aggravated, you must try to sort out the matter yourselves, or, if required, seek out reliable Christian relationship advice.

Listed below are a few pointers offering Christian relationship advice which might benefit Christian couples:

1.     Jesus should be your First Priority

Relationships where Jesus is given priority tend to flourish, while those which don’t tend to fail. It is common for people to prioritize Jesus when they are single; however, as soon as they get into a relationship, the top place goes to the new found love. What you need to understand is that Jesus is not your relationship backup plan which is given priority until someone better comes along. If you want your relationship to flourish, you need to build it with Jesus as the cornerstone.

2.     Don’t justify an abusive relationship

It is very common for people to rationalize abusive relationships by using phrases like:

  • “Well, she’s not like that all the time.”
  • “It’s no big deal. That’s just the way our relationship is.”
  • “It isn’t really that bad.”

This is more common among women, however, in certain relationships, men also put up with such problems. There are many relationships where the girlfriend is emotionally manipulative and controlling or where the boyfriend is physically abusive. Instead of confronting these problems in order to remedy them, people seek to justify them out of fear of being alone. This is why people go to extreme lengths to deny the existence of abusive behaviour in their relationships.

No relationship is perfect – each has its problems and issues. However, there is fine line between a challenging relationship and one which is destructive. When a relationship starts getting abusive, that line is crossed. As a result, one should understand when to work on the relationship and when to stop.

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