Christian Singles Dating Advice

christian singles dating

Dating is the act that leads up to the eternal bond of marriage. It is therefore important that this stage is dealt with care. You need to be careful when dating in order to control the passion and not let it get the best of you. If it does, then thinking rationally becomes increasingly difficult, which is why you should decide the boundaries before you go on a date. These boundaries are not easy to decide and it gives rise to the need for reliable Christian singles dating advice. Listed below are a few tips for a healthy relationship:

1.     Christians should date Christians only

When it comes to Christian singles dating advice, remember to date Christians only. Yes, we realize how obvious that is, but its importance cannot be stressed enough so we felt it best to reiterate this one in particular. Believers and the non-believers cannot flourish together because light and darkness cannot coexist.

Dating someone who does not believe in Jesus is dangerous as it will not work out and may serve to deviate you form the path of the believers.

2.     Practice the teachings of God

In today’s world, you need all the help you can get. The questions then arise.Are you devoting your time towards God? Do you seek his help for the fulfilment of your needs of security and love? In order to resist temptations, you need to armour yourself in God’s will.

3.     Control your Passion

The good deeds that you perform do not necessarily lead to pleasure. In fact, it’s the opposite, as giving into passion feels really good. However, you must be careful to control your desires and should give priority to the teachings of Jesus. You must control your physical drives. Regardless of what society tells you, remember to be faithful to the word of Christ.


4.     Maintain appropriate Physical Interaction

Your physical interaction with your loved one should be based on the nature of your commitment. This means that you should limit your physical interaction even if you are engaged. The act of physical love should correspond with a meaningful relationship and should not be used as a means to satisfy physical needs.

5.     Both partners should set limits mutually

It is the duty of both the partners to maintain boundaries; this is necessary for a mature relationship.

These tips serve the purpose of Christian singles dating advice. In order to gain more information on this matter, contact us at Christians Online.

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